Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh I simply cannot wait for this document ...

Benedict's first encyclical. To be released either January 20 or 25. Rocco translates some leaks from an Italian press agency.
Benedict XVI in his first encyclical -- "God is love" -- directs humanity's attention to the dissociation of two aspects of love: "eros and agape." Without agape, or "that love founded in faith and formed from it," eros devolves into being "degraded into something purely sexual." It becomes "goods," something that "one can buy and sell." "Man, therefore, becomes merchandise." But when they're united -- eros and agape -- they form a perfect synthesis, a unity of the concept of the love which gives to and receives from others.
Oh wow! Eros and agape. GO B16!

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Napoleon said...

Next time your in Italy pick me up a copy :) I'm certainly curious about his writing style and ability to boil down complex topics into understandable text. So far, he has actually shown himself to be a good speaker, especially when he ad libs, which apparently he does very often.