Monday, January 09, 2006

The missing girls ...

Some 10 million of them. Lost to selective abortions in India.

Experts urge action against India checks (Via Yahoo)
NEW DELHI - Experts urged the Indian government to enforce laws against prenatal gender checks and to work to change attitudes after a study showed up to 10 million female fetuses may have been selectively aborted in India over the past two decades.

Researchers found that second children were less likely to be girls if the firstborn was a girl, according to the study published Monday in the Lancet, Britain's leading medical journal.

It also said the deficit in the number of girls born as a second child was more than twice as great among educated mothers than among illiterate ones.
Well -- that's some education they're getting!

[Here's the IHT story.]

[And, if you recall, there was a story a little while back of the state asking the church's help in, among other things, education that will help fix the imbalanced sex ratio.]

[Reminds me of this horrible little chapter that I read while browsing at Crossroads in Baroda last week, in a collection of rather leftist essays on India's future. This one was on population growth, and sounded so much like an alarmist 1970s population explosion type piece, it was almost funny. Guess the author hadn't heard the news that overall, global population growth is declining? Well, of course, one of the ways to ensure a suitable population was to ensure easy access to abortion. So there you have it -- when classic progressive cause meets this strong cultural desire for a male child, what do you get? A hugely imbalanced sex ratio. Among other things.]

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