Tuesday, January 24, 2006

March for Life: hmmm

Wow. What a long day. I've been up now for twenty-two and a half hours (a large chunk of which was spent driving). I cannot think of a time since my college days that I've been awake for this long. Weird wired feeling ... :) We didn't end up leaving DC till like 5 pm, and by the time I dropped everyone back, dropped the van off and got back home, it was just after 2 am. Time for bed. I'll blog more on the March on the morrow (at least I don't go in till the afternoon). Wanted to share this intrigue=ing shot. [Not to imply by this selection that the March was entirely about fringe elements ... it wasn't]. Thanks for the prayers. ¡Buenas noches!


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Yikes! V2 also caused the hole in the ozone layer, I'm sure.

andy said...

Jim Myler, the Bishop of Brookline, from Pittsburgh.