Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's gossip time ...

I absolutely love Rocco's Whispers in the Loggia. No one else has this mix of gossipy, catty reporting that would be at home in Vanity Fair, with serious stuff (including quite a few major news-breaks) explored in a, well, catty way that takes pot-shots at St. Blog's right-wing commentariat at every instance it can. I love it! So here's a couple of links from Whispers that are fun to read and also pretty darn informative:

All about consistories. With rumors in the air that the Pope will give out a slew of red-hats, this backgrounder is a must read.

Gli uomini del Papa. The Pope's Men. An analysis of the men who are closest to the new Pope. The last to be mentioned? Cats. Yes. Meoww.

A decent analysis of that excellent Atlantic Monthly piece on the Year of Two Popes (I'm wondering why my issue hasn't arrived? Time to dash off a little email to the subscription dept.). I've yet to read the article ... this will spur me on.

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