Monday, January 09, 2006

It's Demographics stupid

Mark Steyn fulminates in a brilliant jeremiad in the WSJ.

The sad thing is, that I agree with so much of what he says.


co-ray said...


'the light leaves beings forlorn and blind.'

baldman76 said...

Wow. Can't say I agree with all the points made, nor with the logic behind some of his assertians, but on many points he was certainly hiting the mark. Definitely a "wow" of a read. Thought-provoking. Thanks for posting.

Gashwin said...

Do recall it's Mark Steyn -- he's always over the top. And what's most irritating is his gloating. But, I think, there's something to be said about this bizarre Western self-hatred that is so prevalent, and so annoying, especially to someone who, generally speaking, is an admirer of much of what Western civilization has achieved for humanity, not least of which is liberalism, in its classic sense of a free society.