Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Yankee or Dixie?

Here's a survey that I got in the inbox last week. Dunno about its accuracy (We call all soft-drinks "Coke" 'round these parts?). But it's fun.

And here's my score:

74% (Dixie). That is a pretty strong Southern score!


Howd y'all!

[Of course, my accent is quite malleable. Around a bunch of Southerners, the twang gets more pronounced. American and Indian are my two "native," i.e. effortless/instinctive, accents. I switch over effortlessly to Indian English, the proper "convent educated" variety. And into Bombay-Catholic idiosyncracies ("Shut up or I'll give you one jhaap, men!" Upcoming post on that!) in the right company. And in Hindi, I can do Delhi-Hindi as easily and convincingly as Bambayiyya-slang (complete with "apun ko mangta" and "khalipili" and "bhandi"). My Marathi, though less fluent, is pretty convincing (except for this embarrassing moment, many years ago at a Bank of Maharashtra branch in Pune, when the rude-a** clerk turned to a colleague, as I was starting to speak in Marathi, and said "Oh these outsiders! Why do they even try to speak our language?" That, of course, was pure Pune-Brahmin snobbery. And the nationalized banks' abysmal customer service). My Spanish tends to be largely Castillan, with the zeta, without the vosotros, and never any voseo. It confuses native speakers quite a lot as they're trying to place me. I've been told my Italian has a Spanish lilt to it. Need to work on that! Guess I'm a linguistic chameleon. Or just very very confused. :-)]


corey said...


Anonymous said...

83% (Dixie). “Did you have any Confederate ancestors?”

Guess I'm Southern?

BTW...How do you say "Bleachers?" (Grin).



Gashwin said...

Bleachers. That's how. [glare] :-)

Corey -- you grew up in Walhalla. You can do better! :-)

corey said...

i grew up in maryland

angelmeg said...

I caame out 60% Dixie,

For a girl from Northern Illinois originally this is a crying shame.

It's all this southern Indiana hoosier influence, (husband and five kids)I am surrounded by them!