Saturday, December 17, 2005

'Tis the season ...

What a silly thing to do, to end up at Harbison Blvd. the last shopping weekend before Christmas. In all my years here, I have never seen such traffic! (I'd even say it was approaching Bombay on a Sunday afternoon! :-)) Twenty minutes to get off the freeway ramp! No jokes! But, I leave on my travels on Monday, and of course, I have tons of last minute things to do.

So, at one point, I parked in the Publix parking lot and decided to walk across Bowers Pkwy to Circuit City. I am certain it would have taken me longer to actually drive. And I'm sure the conserved hydrocarbons were worth it too. :)

It's really strange walking in an area that's really not designed with pedestrians in mind. In all the visits here, I'd never noticed that there's a creek between the Publix and the Circuit City parking lots. So, I cross the road (easy, it's a parking lot itself), and cut through the Boatingworld lot --- and --- realize I have to go around this creek! So I end up walking along the very edge of the road, raling

There's also a strange feeling of discomfort. Like one is doing something one shouldn't be. No one walks here! That's what cars are for! I am convinced that everyone is staring at this strange brown fellow in a needs-to-be-brushed-down peacoat in the slight winter breeze. I concentrate on the podcast I'm listening to (Have I mentioned yet that I love my new 5G iPod?). And, sacrifices to Mammon having been made at Circuit City, I walk back to my car.

And am really mad at myself that I actually feel relieved reaching it!

Twenty-five minutes to get to Piney Grove Rd. on Bowers Pkwy. And I'm still not done shopping!


pritcher said...

i often used to find myself walking between stores in that area, and yes, i did feel like i was doing something that was somehow wrong.

like i was cheating.

Waldie's World said...

chris and i went to best buy last weekend (12/10). that's a good 2 weeks before christmas and couldn't even get into the BB parking lot. we too parked along the road, hopped a little creek and climbed the side of the hill to get to the store. people were off-roading to get out of the parking lot. in light of all this, i often wonder why don't more people walk?

(side note: g, have a safe and fun trip!)