Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Pope movie.

So I saw the second part of the two-part CBS movie on Pope John Paul II tonight (yep, the one with John Voight). Not bad --- gosh, but how much did they skip over! Felt like food being yanked away when one is trying to dig in. And they didn't cover his visit to Columbia in 1987? Sheesh ... :-) And yes, a bit melodramatic at times.


You know, I cried the whole last ten minutes. They portraied his illness and suffering so beautifully. And that last Easter Sunday address, on March 30, when he couldn't speak.

I recall that for days, maybe weeks after he died, I couldn't watch the news without choking up. All those feelings came back.

It's still weird not to hear his name during the Eucharist Prayer. I still subconsciously expect it.

Ora pro nobis!

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pritcher said...

i was crying, too, at the end.

it was a little eerie to see actors portray "historical events" that happened less than a year ago.