Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Now Australia?

(Ok -- that implies that this is just like France. Which is quite unfair.)

Armed gangs on rampage in Sydney for a second night, in apparent retaliation for racist slurs/attacks the previous day at Cronulla Beach.

Some perspective.

Tons of coverage at the Sydney Morning Herald.

A Technorati search on the story shows that the blogosphere is taking up the anti-immigrant/anti-Muslim angle again. But let's ignore the fact that the majority of the young men involved are Lebanese, and therefore, quite as likely to be Christian as well as Muslim. (Though a search with just "Sydney Riots" gives a more balanced perspective.)

These seem to be race riots. Let's not say "intifada" at the drop of every stone, now, shall we?

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assiniboine said...

Quite right that it's clean different from France. Pure hooliganism and -- unlike France -- with substantial outrages by both Lebanese ("persons of Middle Eastern appearance") and "Anglo-Celtic" yobboes. The interesting thing is that the domestic reportage so focuses on "white racism," whereas the episode on Sunday was provoked by Lebanese thugs who proposed to take over the beach and exclude others -- there had been episodes of stabbing Australian lifeguards.

There have been nasty incidents of vandalism of mosques and individual attacks on Lebanese, say taxi-drivers. But on the other hand, a Catholic school had gunshots fired into it and a Uniting Church hall was burnt to the ground.

But it all seems to come down to whose beach is it anyway?