Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mi piace ...

... questo Papa ... :)

A quiet but unambiguous instruction to the Neocatechumenal Way to stop their liturgical innovations. (Sandro Magister, via Open Book).

[Also check out Amy's post on the latest articles in Slate, especially the one responding to the Episcopal priest who doesn't believe in the Virginal Conception. (Like this is news. John Shelby Spong is hardly unique). Another sign of just how corrosive some aspects of modern critical scholarship is. Especially since I've been reading the text-book for my bible-as-literature course at Tech. Arrgh! The smug certitude of the way the "assured results of scholarship" are bandied about rankles just too much. Pretty decent otherwise. Though. Anyway, too bad there isn't a printer at this Internet cafe ... would make for good reading on the flight. Oy, let me get to the gate! :)]

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