Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Klingon Word ....

Or rather, a Klingon Word from the Word. A podcast which uses the Klingon edition of the World English Bible to evangelize ... um .... the cosmos. Comes recommended by Fr. Roderick at Catholic Insider. What next?

Check it out!

[Actually it really is neat to see how this medium can be used creatively to spread the Word!]


angelmeg said...

It reminds me of that classic SNL bit with William Shatner at the Star Trek Convention telling them all to get a life!

But hey, if someone was such a loser that he had the time to invent an entire language, and then translate the bible into it so that geeks around the world could read the Word in their native tongue who am I to argue.

God uses our many gifts to spread the good news.


Gashwin said...

Hehe Maggie.

But then, Tolkein not only invented one mythical language, but a whole slew. A whole world. And look what he did with it!

So yes -- imagination rocks!