Monday, December 05, 2005

Independent Bowling ...

The Gamecocks are going to the Independence Bowl! WOO HOO!

So, buckle up and head on down to Louisiana y'all ... and kick Missouri!

(Maybe it's auspicious that they're playing on the anniversary of the birth of yours truly. And maybe ESPN will have a live webfeed so I can watch it in India ...)


Anonymous said...


Don't count on seeing the game in Asia.

The Reason:
Why would the good people of China or India have any interest in American Football? The same reason Americans lack any interest in a game called Cricket.

Hope the anniversary of your birth is pleasant without any sports.



Mark Mossa, SJ said...


It just so happens that I'm going to be in Louisiana on December 30. Can you offer me any hints on the possibility of getting tickets? Interested in joining me?


Gashwin said...

Yo Mark:

Here's the link for the tickets. Bowl tickets. They might still be available!

A word of advice: according to a recent column in the State, there's only 8400 hotel rooms or thereabouts in Shreveport. USC is expecting some 12000 Gamecock fans to descend down there ....

I will be in China then India for a little over two weeks starting Dec. 19. Bit hard to make it back to LA for that .... Would have loved to otherwise!