Monday, December 19, 2005

"I'm leaving on a jet plane ..."

In the morning i.e. Time to get some shut-eye. (Hm .. or maybe, not sleep, and force the body-clock into disorientation early ... Northwest has deigned to give me an emergency exit row seat, so I will at least be able to stretch my legs on the transpacific leg.)

You will have noticed that the blog timestamp has changed to UTC+08.00, i.e. Beijing time. (I.e. 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time)

I'll post my travelogues here as I can!

Here's the outline of the trip:

Monday, Dec. 19 --- US to Beijing (arriving Tuesday)
Friday, Dec. 23 --- Beijing to Guangzhou (Canton)
Saturday, Dec. 24 --- Hong Kong
Wednesday, Dec. 28 --- Guangzhou to Bombay
Friday, Dec. 30 --- Bombay to Vadodara
Tuesday, Jan. 3 --- Vadodara to New Delhi
Thursday, Jan. 5 --- New Delhi to US (arriving Friday, Jan. 6)

1 comment:

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

We'll look forward, as always, to your travelogue posts. It'll be interesting to hear (well, interesting for this Anglophile, at least) how Christmas is observed in both of the former "pink bits" of the map that you'll be visiting, especially given the difference in time elapsed since leaving the Empire.

Oh, dear, that sounds like some sort of school assignment: "Where I went on Holiday, compare and contrast..."

Hope you have great visits with friends and family. We'll miss you here.