Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Hong Kong: Christmas Day 2005

Skyline of Hong Kong Island from Kowloon near the Star Ferry Terminal.

At the Sheung Wan MTR stop. Self-portrait. Of sorts
(And Kem, you've been whining about not having a pic on my blog. Here you go :))

Hong Kong's definitely not the place for you if you don't like crowds.

Skyline from the Star Ferry crossing over from Kowloon.

Double-decker tram! Near Central.

Kowloon Skyline from Victoria Peak.


Anonymous said...


Great images on your site. Can not wait to see the entire collection upon your return to the US.

Hope you don't encounter "Big Brother" in India as you encountered in China.



Gashwin said...

India is a democracy, thank you very much! [sniff] ... :-D