Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here's a tough assignment...

... speak about chastity and abstinence (without mentioning religion) to teenagers, where some parents have objected to your presence there. In a public school.

Apparently, he passed with flying colors. (Via Open Book.)

He started with a squirming audience of restless, skeptical teens.

But when the speaker on abstinence finished Thursday at Berkley High School, there were cheers and even some tears.

The visit by Jason Evert, 29, of the Catholic Answers evangelical organization, based in El Cajon, Calif., had worried some parents, who feared he would inject religion into his talk. But Evert had said beforehand that, for public school visits, he omits any mention of God, sin, faith or religion.

[And, it seems, in my experience, to be almost dogma among some public health/education types, that abstinence education is at best a waste of time. At worst part of the diabolical campaign of this administration to return us all to the 13th century. I'm no expert as to how effective it is. But surely it must be presented. With zeal, as a reliable alternative.]

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