Friday, December 30, 2005

The Age of Perfection?

Well, according to medieval philosophers, I'm now at the age where we are all supposed to be in heaven (See here, #26. I always thought it was Origen who first said this, but I don't have time right now to Google this.) - the age of Christ's earthly maturity, thirty three.

Guess I should have some weightly reflection on this. I'm just happy to be here with the folks (and extend clanspeople) to celebrate.

Though, maybe it's apposite that this be the age I enter the religious life?

Y'all's prayers and support are, as always, most gratefully received!

[PS: Happy Feast of the Holy Family. This Christmas on Sunday thing moves this and the Baptism of the Lord away from Sunday. Oh well. :)]


Anonymous said...

Hope you day is joyful and happy on a day with a resplendent birth.

Or should one know better to think otherwise? (grin)

Hope the time with family is enjoyable.



angelmeg said...



happy day anyway


your voice of reality,

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

So, 34 running, 33 complete! Happy Bday!

I had a job interview (back a few years ago) on the eve of my 33rd bday that lead to the best job I ever had (suited to my skill set, education, temperament, diverse interests, etc.)

I hope that whatever God leads you into in this, your 34th year, will be as perfectly suited to you. We're looking forward to reading the Paulist's Progress soon.

(Hugs from myself & Izzy)

Gashwin said...

Thanks y'all. Thanks Maggie for the reality dose. Not that I thought too much about the perfection thing. Hence the question mark. :)

Conversation on Thurdsay in B'bay, about a friend who's looking to get married. S: "You know he's 35. Parents are looking all over." Me: "R's 35 already? Sheesh!" S: "Of course! I'm 34. Idiot, you'll be 33 tomorrow!" Me: "Yikes!" :)