Wednesday, December 28, 2005

+Aamchi Mumbai

I've never encountered such air-traffic in Bombay. The plane circled twice (great view of the island) before landing, and at one point I saw five other aircraft in holding patterns behind and above, while another lined up onto final for runway 27. And a little hot-and-heavy landing too. Speed brakes used at such low altitudes, with flaps out at 20 degrees? And huge amounts of braking after touchdown (and no thrust-reversers?). Hmm. Anyhoo. I am now officially a fan of Thai Airways. US airlines might learn something!

It's about 80 degrees. Welcome to winter in Bombay! I have one day in the city tomorrow (Thursday) before heading to the folks' place in Baroda (~250 miles to the north) on the Friday morning flight. Well, I'll be back here in the summer for longer. When it will be even warmer. :-D

PS: As you can see, the timestamp is now set to IST [UTC +0530, EST +1030]

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