Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vatican embraces iGod generation

Interesting piece from the Mail & Guardian (South Africa) on Vatican Radio's podcasts.

In the beginning there was... Madonna. Now you can also download Pope Benedict XVI into your iPod.

Inspired by Vatican documents that called on Church officials to exploit the full potentials of the computer age, the Holy See's official broadcaster, Vatican Radio, is "podcasting" audio content to any of the world's one billion plus Catholics who own a portable MP3 player.


Civilta' Cattolica, a magazine run by Italy's Jesuits, says all preachers should be encouraged to use podcasting as a means of spreading God's message, particularly among the young.

To shy away from podcasting "because of a fear of technology or any other reason", the bimonthly's latest edition warns priests, "is not acceptable".
Go podcasters! :) I'm a big fan of Vatican Radio's daily 1/2 hour English language program. Check it out!

In the 10/31 program, there's a great update on the situation in the Moluccas (remember the beheading of the three Christian girls?). On 11/3, an interview with a Jesuit astronomer and his views on extra-terrestrial life, and the implications for Christian theology.

Staid? Boring? Heck no ... :)

Don't forget Dev's great list of Catholic podcasts.


assiniboine said...

The three Christian girls were actually in Kalimantan, ie Indonesian Borneo, not Maluku, ie the Moluccas. Fairly arcane distinction from the other side of the world, doubtless, but far from, really.

It won't have made the news in the USA but there was a major nipping-in-the-bud yesterday of an intended large-scale home-grown terrorist attack by Sydney and Melbourne Muslims. I today spend a couple of hours gadding about with a couple of friends -- an Indian Muslim and a Singaporean Tamil Anglican; the Indian was of course highly indignant about those Pakistani and Arab looneys making life so difficult for the great majority of Australian Muslims who rather like it here, and he said that at times like this, despite his vast affection for Australia and Australians he is most comfortable with fellow Indians like the two of us. Our Singaporean friend gave the whoop he might have been expected to give; I was rather flattered, I must say, though I don't think there's anything at all wrong with what I really am!

Gashwin said...

Hey, fellow Indian ... :)

Anyway, that did make the news here in the US of A.