Friday, November 18, 2005

US Bishops call for an end to the death penalty

(Again. They launched a renewed campaign last year. One just doesn't hear about this as much as some other stuff, it seems). Via Zenit.

The bishops voted 237-4 on Tuesday for "A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death," which says that the use of the death penalty contributes to a cycle of violence in society that must be broken. "The sanction of death violates respect for human life and dignity," the statement contends. The statement describes the death penalty as a continuing sign of a "culture of death" in U.S. society. "It is time for our nation to abandon the illusion that we can protect life by taking life," the bishops' document asserts. "When the state, in our names and with our taxes, ends a human life despite having non-lethal alternatives, it suggests that society can overcome violence with violence.
Also see the CCEDP website.

Link to the Bishops' statement (.pdf).

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