Saturday, November 12, 2005

St. Mary's in Greenville gets praise ...

From Al Kimel (one of the authors at Pontifications). "Reforming the Reform in the South." St. Mary's has been mentioned on a few occasions, most memorably in the Time article on the "new" Catholicism in the Deep South, from sometime in 2004. (I'm too tired to Google the link up right now ...).

Fr. Kimel links to pictures of the recently renovated St. Mary's. Having seen the church with my own eyes, I can affirm that it is, indeed, quite beautiful, and worth a visit.

However, do read on in the comments. A quite messy and fascinating discussion on ad orientem and altar girls.

[Since the subject is a parish in our Diocese, I'll refrain from any commentary, save that, I think ad orientem is quite alright, and so are altar girls. And no. St. Mary's doesn't celebrate ad orientem. But they do only allow boys to serve at the altar.]

[Ok. I'll be at the game tomorrow. No blogging for a while! :)]

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Dev Thakur said...

St. Mary's was also profiled in Weigel's "Letters to a Young Catholic."