Friday, November 11, 2005

More on U-Wisc Eau-Claire

So, I sent off the article below to a friend at U-Wisc Madison, who passed on the following bureaucratese from the Interim Chancellor at Eau Claire.
Thank you for your inquiry regarding this issue. A question has been raised regarding Resident Assistants conducting certain types of meetings in their rooms and residence hall. We are reviewing and clarifying these policies this year and developing and refining them as we look to recruiting Resident Assistants for future years.

Please go to [link] to read more about how UW-Eau Claire is approaching this issue.

Vicki Lord Larson, Ph.D.
Interim Chancellor
The following quote from the link above highlights, what in my opinion, is the rather tyrranical approach of many University Housing systems towards students.
Resident assistants are state employees and have supervisory authority over students in the residence halls in which they live. They are considered to be on duty whenever they are in their rooms or residence halls where they live. Resident assistants receive compensation in the form of room and board and a $675-per-semester stipend. Their room and residence hall in which they live is considered their place of employment.
So. If you work for us, we own you, and what you can do, nay, what you may say (and if there were a way to achieve this with any degree of reliability, what you may think as well), because where you live is where you work. For a pittance, we might add. Very liberal indeed.

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