Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fr. Newman has some thoughts on the liturgy ...

... or rather, on the re-enchantment of the Roman Rite. Over at Pontifications.

Worshipping the Lord in Beauty and Holiness

I was baptized in the Episcopal Church, and there I learned to worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. When I became a Catholic, one of the most difficult adjustments for me was learning to accept the generally wretched state of the sacred liturgy in most parishes: banal language, casual atmosphere, mediocre secular music, ugly buildings badly decorated. In all too many places, the result is simply unspeakable. But this need not be.

The Catholic Church gave us Chartres and Canterbury; she gave us plainchant and Palestrina. The Catholic Church saved the language of Cicero, and gave birth to the Christian poetry of the West. The cultural and artistic riches of the Western Church are still in our storehouse; we need only deploy them in a way adapted to the present structure of the Roman Rite.

Do read the comments as well. And Todd at Catholic Sensibility has some critiques. And more comments. Oh the blogosphere!

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