Friday, November 11, 2005

Dateline on the Birth of Jesus

[Durnit. I was watching Star Wars III. Just got the DVD. In the meantime, the cell phone had a few messages from people (ok, two people) wanting to know my opinion. Oh well.]

Justin Nickelsen (Ressourcement: Restoration in Catholic Theology) has this to write:
This should be worth watching if you have the time. Most of you know who Scott Hahn is. Dominic Crossan is famous for his book his many "historical Jesus" books which fill just about every Barnes and Noble or Boarders Bookstore across the country. Also popular is Worthington's Brother of Jesus.

Looks like the mix will make for some drama. Too bad Raymond Brown is dead!
Amen to that last sentiment! One can just imagine that he is looking on down with a certain bemusement from on high. Though, perhaps, Eternal Beatitude does not afford such vanities .... :)

And gosh, they had Dom Crossan and Scott Hahn in the same room? Omigosh! I hope there are reruns!

[PS: A couple of years ago, Crossan gave the annual NT lecture at the Univ. here. Standard stuff {yawn}. I happened to get invited to lunch with him the following day. Just pleasant chit-chat. One of the other invitees was quite obviously a devotee. She had a stack of books to be autographed. At one point, as he was busy scribbling away, she leaned over and asked him, in a conspiratorial whisper, "Now, really, you don't believe that Jesus actually intended to found a church. You know, this? (The "this" implied, I take it, the church as it is.). He smiled beatifically, and, as best as I can recall, just shook his head. She beamed. There we have it, from the guru's very mouth. The only thing missing was an angelic chorus in the background.]

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assiniboine said...

Next time you're in Vancouver around Advent, do get someone to take you to the splendid Advent presentation that the Planetarium puts on. Oh I know, planetariums are dreadfully boring -- yes they are -- but this makes for a wonderful exception. What in astronomical terms was the Star of Bethlehem, really, and why did eastern Magi follow it? (The music is terrific too.) Makes for a nice discussion with our Parsi friends and they don't at all seem to mind the compliment of being identified as the gentiles to whom Our Lord was first made manifest.