Saturday, November 19, 2005


TODAY IS THE DAY! The biggest rivalry game ever! I am so bummed out that I can't be there (Fr. T, you owe me big time! :)). And I even sold my ticket at (gasp) face value! Well, at least three people will be texting me the score while I'm down in Summerville. :: sigh ::

Well, maybe selling that ticket at face value wasn't that bad of an idea. And, it turns out that we have traitors in our midst! (Maybe they won't be as annoying as that Florida fan at last week's game, face and hair dyed orange and purple, who sat right above the student section, and blew a little horn whenever Florida scored -- which wasn't too often. Heh! Cheeky fellow!).

Seems our boys in Iraq are gettin' in on the rivalry too. And here's the story of a true, die-hard, Gamecock. (Links to The State might not work after a couple of days.)

And, we are ranked no. 19 in the country (AP Top 25)!

And yes, USC's favored (MSNBC Predictions 101), 26-24.

Just pray that there ain't no more brawls! I will cry if we lose bowl eligibility because of such stupidity. Heck, I'll weep if we lose too.


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