Wednesday, October 26, 2005


The Porn of War (from The Nation, via In Principio Erat Verbum. Yes I'm blogsurfing big-time tonight)

About a site with the delicate name of nowthat'sf***

Originally created as a site for men to share images of their sexual partners, this site has taken the concept of user-created content to a grim new low: US troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan are invited to display graphic battlefield photos apparently taken with their personal digital cameras. And thousands of people are logging on to take a look.

The website has become a stomach-churning showcase for the pornography of war--close-up shots of Iraqi insurgents and civilians with heads blown off, or with intestines spilling from open wounds. Sometimes photographs of mangled body parts are displayed: Part of the game is for users to guess what appendage or organ is on display.
Incredible. Or is it? The depths to which human nature can sink have no limits, it seems.

Turns out the website operator has been arrested under obscenity laws. If this stuff isn't obscene, then the word means nothing.

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