Sunday, October 30, 2005

Slipping out to pray ...

... Pope Benedict, i.e. showing up unannounced at the shrine of Mentorella, to pray. Hey, pretty resourceful, to give those Swiss Guard the slip, ya know! :) Jokes aside, he's just so darned cool. :) So, someone out there get me a "B16 Fan" tee for Christmas!

Oh, and here's Weigel in Newsweek, "A Pope of Quiet Surprises."

Benedict XVI has met, cordially, with representatives of the "progressive" and reactionary wings of Roman Catholic dissent. He's dropped hints about holding a joint synod with Orthodox bishops—something that hasn't happened in more than a millennium. He's taken a hands-on approach to the appointment of Catholic bishops throughout the world, influenced perhaps in part by his experience with malfeasant bishops who turned sexual scandal into crisis in the United States. He's challenged Islamic leaders to take a more publicly critical stance toward violence in the name of God, and he's challenged Europe to recover its greatness by rediscovering its Christian roots. (Benedict's forthcoming book on the subject, "Without Roots," is coauthored with a nonbelieving Italian intellectual who shares the pope's diagnosis of the secularist sources of Europe's civilizational malaise.)

Interpreting the coming papacy accurately is going to require a determined effort to get beyond the "liberal/conservative" taxonomy of all issues Catholic.
Amen to the last sentence.


Anonymous said...

What size t-shirt you B16 fan?

Gashwin said...

Uhm ... XL ... :-D (Grazie, S. Anonimo!)