Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Feeling domestic ...

Was just thinking (driving back from Wally World. I'd gone there to get some pseudephedrine. Ok, phenylphedrine now that the former is available only behind the counter. You know, sinuses and all. Yes, like any other trip to Wally World, I did buy quite a few things more than just a strip of phenylephedrine.) ... Anyway was just thinking that I really like Cayce-West Columbia. Yes, I know that's a silly thing to say. I always drive through the quiet neighborhood streets -- C Ave, B Ave, Augusta St. It's tranquil. It's so ... I don't know ... domestic. On the way out there, I pass a soccer field, lights blared on, with practice under way (Hmm. Do lights blare? They ought to ... ). The streets, like any good American town outside the Big Metros, are deserted. Except for the gaggle of cars around Zestos on 12th street. And this one kid walking a dog, jabbering on a cell-phone, next to the Thompson Funeral Home. On the drive back, along the slow incline down to the Congaree, the skyline of the city (the other one, across the river, you know, Columbia) twinkles pretentiously.

I say to myself that I should come out here on a nice fall day, blue sky, late in the afternoon, and get some pictures of that pretentious skyline. And of these nice little domestications around State St. Maybe I will.

Anyway, now I'm back. Perfect hot-chocolate weather. One of the many backburner projects frontburnered -- ripping, oh-so-slowly, the CD collection onto the laptop for eventual residence on the iPod. Allegri's Miserere wafting around the room. Now for some blogging .... [rubs hands and dives in] ... :-D

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