Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Delhi blasts ...

Scary news to wake up to .... "Deadly blasts hit Indian capital" (BBC). NDTV's coverage. And on the weekend before Diwali, in two crowded shopping centers. I cannot imagine, going out to shop in Sarojini Nagar ... and then ... this!

Got on the horn with the bro -- they're all fine, though a bit shaken. Brought back memories of the Bombay Blasts (gosh, over 1o years ago?), though this doesn't seem to have (thankfully) the same amount of carnage.

Kashmir? Assam/ULFA? Anti-Hindu? Anti-Muslim? Cowardly bastards.

Orate pro eis.


Mitch Lynch said...

I'm getting nervous about the recent focus of terrorist strikes in Asia... not that it isn't something the region deals with constantly, but I just hope that this doesn't represent another type of terrorism to hit the international scene.

Glad to hear your family is okay - let's just hope they stay that way. Ramadan Kareem.

- Mitch

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

I just got around to reading your blog for this PM--been in clinic all day & evening. I'm glad your family is OK, but am saddend that most of the attention India gets is about tragedies. Maybe folks from all over feel like that--only of interest to the US when they look less fortunate than us. Thoughts?

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

So, I'm not as skilled as I should be at this hour in writing HTML code. The link in the previous post should have gone to:
most of the attention India gets is about tragedies.

Gashwin said...

Eid Mubarak to you too, Mitchum. I don't know that these blasts in Delhi are linked to the Bali attacks. Who knows, however. The most commonly touted suspects are Lashkar-e-Toiba or one of the other Kashmiri "mujahedeens," perhaps angered that the earthquake has eased tensions over the LoC considerably.

Delhi is no stranger to these things. In the 80s it was the Khalistan separatist movement in nearby Punjab. Those folks (apart from blowing up an Air India 747 over the Atlantic in 1985) would plant bombs around the capital in radios or other attractive looking packages. "Transistor bombs" as we called them.

St. Liz, yep, for the West, the "Third World" is a source of horrific news stories about appalling poverty, genocides, natural disasters, disease and violence. Except, these happen in the West too. And, of course, India is in the news as the place where all your jobs are going to go ... :)