Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A communal discussion on Catholic community

.... great discussion first over at Mirror of Justice on Catholicism and "Land Use", or "are the suburban life-style and the Catholic emphasis on community compatible?" Then Amy Welborn links it, and the active comboxes at Open Book start flowing. Several days worth of reading here!

The articles at Mirror of Justice:

Catholic Land Use
Community in Suburbia: Lessons from Evangelicals
Suburbs, the Old Parish and Goneness
Catholic Parish Community, the Evangelical Sensibility, and the Parish School
Catholic Communities


The Comboxes at Open Book.

[No, I haven't read all that. The real good stuff needs printing out you know. But apart from that, think of the old days of SW radio. Heard of a relay station? Guess part this blog's fucntion is just that ... :)]

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